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How to tell
if I’m any good

“At first Mark Gibbs from Mad Lab and I sat down to plan a way forward with my web site which was going no where. Mark had a clear vision from the start and knew exactly how to maximize my results. Not only did Mark bring my web site to the top page of Google but he redeveloped my site in which his knowledge and expertise shone. My site looks fantastic and my business is thriving.
“Mark is very professional, his communication is excellent and his services are fantastic. Mark and his team make you feel at ease knowing that the future of your business is in the best hands.
Matt Gross, Managing Director, MG Masonry

Six reasons why you should consider talking to me:

I’m a strategist

People are suspicious. They get pounded with marketing messages from all sides. If you’re going to cut through the clutter and get taken seriously, you are going to have to get smart about how you reach them and what you’ll say. I’ll show you how.

I’m creative

Taking a more creative approach makes you stand out. People remember you. You end up paying a lot less to be noticed and recalled. People end up liking you more. Then they prefer to do business with you.

I’m transparent

I’ll keep our clothes on, but I’ll reveal all. I will give advance notice about how much the work I do will cost you, so you know what to expect. My whole approach is about full transparency and outright honesty with my clients.

I’ll cut the nonsense

Seriously! So many marketing people are all talk and so little action. I like to cut to the chase and focus more on selling you to your clients and customers than devote so much time and energy on selling ourselves to you.

I focus on results

My more scientific approach means we prefer to measure results. My work is ALL about improving on your return on investment through continuous improvement and optimisation.

I’m experienced

Yes, we’ve all made a lot of mistakes. But that was a long time ago and now I can make sure you don’t make the same mistakes. And because I really know a lot of stuff about a lot of marketing stuff, I’ll help you choose the right strategies.

“Mark has such a deep knowledge and love for his work that it seems he has only scratched the surface when he is pouring out his great ideas. If you want creativity, enthusiasm, integrity and a great shot in the arm for your business, I highly recommend MadLab.”
Ian Dunning, Managing Director,
Statewide Builder Brokers
I love the website you built. I often have people commenting on it. In fact I hear the students compare it with other Australian colleges. The website has a massive influence because it looks warm and friendly. I would go so as far to say that my business profile and increase in sales is thanks to the website.
Glynis Bretherton, Director & Senior Lecturer, Hypnotherapy Training College - Australia
“Mark has helped me develop a new direction and business strategy to completely rebrand my business, create a new name and establish a whole new identity. He created a fantastic website that evokes the wow factor in all who see it.”
Lidia Conci, Managing Director,
“I have been impressed with Mark’s breadth of knowledge and ability to assist with such a wide variety of projects. I particularly appreciate how he genuinely takes my interests to heart and is constantly looking for opportunities to help me increase my businesses.”
Peter Konzo, Managing Director,
Adelaide Timber Flooring
“I’ve worked with Mark Gibbs on numerous projects over the years. Whether helping us with our marketing strategy, creating our new corporate identity or developing our website, he has consistently provided high standards of creativity and professionalism. Mark knows how to think outside the square.”
Mark Wylie, Managing Director,
Grace Webster Recruitment
“I have worked with Mark Gibbs on rebranding my business and giving it a totally “new look”. This includes a new website, logo, business cards etc. I have really been impressed by his professional, cost effective and speedy service.
“Based on my very positive experience, I can thoroughly recommend Madlab for design and marketing of your business.”
Wayne MacDonald, Business Coach, Trainer and Presenter