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Creativity without strategy is art

Creativity with strategy is called advertising.

People really do judge books by their covers.

They also buy wines because they like the label and will assess new business introductions by the quality of the business card. Good design really does make a difference to the bottom line.

A strategic approach

Our focus is on researching and understanding your target audience to ensure our creativity stays relevant. Ultimately our priority is effective communication but sometimes it’s the subliminal design cues indicated by colour combinations, typeface choices and powerful imagery which reach beyond the rational. Audiences don’t always know WHY a design is good, they simply know it pulls the right heart-strings.

Experience. The difference

Mark Gibbs established one of Adelaide’s earliest design studios back in the eighties, so we like to think we offer rather more experience than most when it comes to applied creativity. Our knowledge of print process is as long as it is wide. We have all the technical ability to produce artwork for every conceivable technical media.

True art

And just by the way, Mark’s oil paintings have been featured in 10 major exhibitions in commercial and public art galleries around Australia. You can see more of his current art by visiting his fine arts website.