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Social media is revolutionising marketing

We’re passionate about the potential that social media offers for business owners to propel their marketing effectiveness, but all too often a poor strategy can become nothing more than a massive time waster.

We help our clients develop sound media strategies by using a 4-stage process:

Step 1: Defining the objectives

Yes, okay, you want to sell more of your product or service. But how are you going to do that?

Social media is ultimately all about facilitating the most successful form of marketing of all time – word of mouth referrals. You’ll end up doing more business if loyal customers tell their friends and acquaintances about you. So how are you going to get this to happen?

Step 2: Choosing the RIGHT Social Media networks

Frankly, communication channels like Twitter and You Tube can be a waste of time for most small businesses, while other offer tremendous opportunities if handled the right way. We help our clients decide on where to focus their efforts.

Step 3: Building ideas to engage followers

The biggest thing which businesses get wrong when starting out on social media is they sell too much from their social media platforms. That is such a huge turn-off for social media followers.

We teach clients the tips and tricks to foster engagement which produces results.

Step 4: Differentiated strategies for each network

Each social media channel requires a different ‘voice’ to match a different culture, a different way to engage.
We look for opportunities to get staff members to collaborate around an overarching strategy.