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Great logos stand out from the humdrum
and stick in everyone’s memory

The true cost of a cheap logo

Do a search on Google and you could probably find a new logo for your business within half an hour for under fifty bucks. It could be the worst investment you ever make.

Think about it. The whole marketing and advertising effort to try to get people to take notice of your business can take so much effort and so much money. Trouble is, if the LOOK of your business doesn’t stand out from the crowd and doesn’t create great first impressions, that really can be an expensive and uphill battle.

This world has become far too competitive to allow yourself to look mediocre or boring. This may dawn on you a few months or years down the track. At that stage you’ll really regret the significant cost of updating all your marketing material and rebuilding customer recognition.

Showing your true colours

A great brand starts out by looking good. If your customers are looking for a very professional operator, you’d better look professional. If you want potential customers to remember you, show them something they’ll never forget.

Buying the unseen

It’s a funny thing, asking a designer to develop the look of your brand. You’ll have to commit to possibly paying for something you won’t like before you see it.

And we have to be honest, this can be an equally treacherous proposition from our side. We’ve heard many designers complain about creating stunning designs for clients who they thought lacked taste in rejecting them.

Over many years we’ve developed a process to make sure our clients love the work we produce. We’d be delighted to tell you more when we meet.

Revealing our prices

We’ve seen a lot of clients who have paid outrageous prices over the years for inferior designs and we think something should be done about that.

In keeping with our commitment to openness and transparency, we’re probably one of the first design studios to publish prices for brand development, so we’re hoping to make more friends than enemies.

We’d welcome your enquiry, but first see our portfolio to view a selection of our work. We think you’ll be impressed.